Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taking a Good Idea and Making It Perfect: Semi-DIY Beach Programs

So a few months ago in scouring the web for cheap and chic program ideas for one of my summer brides I came across this super cute and very budget-friendly option from AWESOME Etsy shop My Blue Tulip Design:
$1.00 each!
BUT, although cute, these were a bit too 'formal looking' for my bride who is getting married (ceremony) in Riviera, Maya Mexico next weekend with a color scheme of vibrant orange and turquoise--so I asked the Etsy shop's designer, Martha (who is a dream to work with), if she could take this style and reappropriate it for us--which she did! She altered this more formal design and came up with something a bit more 'casual and free-flowing' for my bride's beach wedding. Martha created the files for us and I just got done putting together and shipping off. 

Next, thanks to the CRAZY color printers we've invested in I was able to do all of her program printing and assembly myself.
All I needed was cover stock, linen paper, a hole punch, raffia and ribbon:
Finished product:

Also put together a few "Reserved" seating signs for her ceremony:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Inspired!

If you don't know by now, I love, love, love bridal bouquets loaded with personality! There are TOO many possibilities with flowers for brides to carry contrived bouquets that have been done over and over again. I love bouquets where lots of thought and attention is given to texture, color and fabric to REALLY reflect the bride's style. That said, here are a few uber-inspired arrangements I've snagged lately. And enjoy!

The pop of ZEBRA and texture in this one is ridiculously yummy!!!!

Simple hydrangeas made STUNNING with thoughtful paper/fabric printed wraps.

Friday, May 1, 2009 Sale: Last Day! Plus A Random (But Useful) Tip

Today's the last day to save 15% on orders.
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Also, here's a link to their "bridal" selection, although I think it's much more effective to just use their "REFINE BY" search tools to find exactly what you're looking for, quickly.

Random Tip
So, as you know, many--dare I say MOST--big online shoe stores (i.e. Zappos,, etc.) offer FREE shipping and FREE returns on most styles. This is especially helpful for indecisive brides-to-be in their search for that perfect pair of wedding-day shoes. However, one web site, Piperlime (the new shoe counterpart of the Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic group), fooled me recently! They offer free shipping on orders if you order from more than one of their associated stores, BUT in the event you don't want a pair of shoes--and don't want an exchange-- YOU are stuck with return shipping fees which are deducted from your refund. And that sucks with so many FREE options out there!
Just a little note to NOT use Piperlime for your "4-5 pair trial wedding shoe shopping spree!"