Thursday, September 13, 2012

A "Little Gentleman" Baby Shower: Washington DC

It is said that "no idea is original."
However, it is also true that some ideas are more original than others!

This was Savvy's goal when planning a thoughtful, intimate baby shower brunch for a soon-to-be mommy of a little boy!

The goal was a shower that would be:
1. memorable
2. meaningful
3. non-trite

Hence, the "little gentleman" concept was born!
In putting together the little gentleman baby shower, Savvy sought to bring to life to the values, ideas and character that define the modern-day gentleman.

What goes into raising a proper, thoughtful young man?
What values would be desirable for him to have?
What is important in raising a child with good manners and sense of chivalry?

Those were questions that this urban-chic shower brunch-- hosted at a U Street bistro in the heart of Washington DC--were planned around.

*Non-traditional shower color scheme: we used red/chocolate/black/argyle/stripes/polkadots as our backdrop.
*Themed Dessert Bar, by Savvy, as favors
*No games: In lieu of 'traditional' baby shower games, guests were asked to fill in "Advice Cards" for the coming child that were collected and placed into a TIME CAPSULE intended to be presented to the boy on his 16th birthday. Guests were specifically asked to impart advice that they would share with a teenage boy

we mustache you to be a good boy!