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Etsy Finds!

Came across I Do Wedding Designs on Etsy today and wanted to share some of the seller's fab items! Enjoy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just a Gentle Reminder...

About what awesomeness special lighting can do for a space! I came across these photos today while reserving a meeting space at the W Hotel in San Francisco for a work meeting. The W's sales manager sent me these two photos of the same space (carpet is updated in second pic). Happy Monday!



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nordstrom Mother of the Bride

Lately, it seems that brides have been paying more attention to the dresses they choose for their bridesmaids--considering things like cost, and whether or not the dress could be worn again. New lines of party dresses like those at J.Crew, Ann Taylor and Threads that are targeted at the idea of "modern maids" is making this is the common sense idea to simply choose a bridesmaid's dress off the rack!

So I love to see this same consideration given to mothers of the brides! has a 'Mother of the Bride" section in their dress shop with about 300 dresses--many very reasonably priced, too. Just a heads up to take a look!

Below are two of my faves from the Nordstrom selection:

Calvin Klein Sequined Gown and Twist Front Bolero: $189

JS Collections Off Shoulder Laser Cut Gown: $147

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a day filled with great food, friends, family, laughter and relaxation! Yep, ALL of that! Thank you for continuing to support my blog:) I am very grateful!
PS. If you tried any new recipes today that come out wonderfully, please share them in comments on this post! I think I may have a few to share!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have a Great...and Green...Thanksgiving!!

Yes...this is a wedding blog....but it is also titled "Savvy!" Therefore, every now and then you will see me post tips to savvy-up your life. I thought this list would be fitting for this Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season. Let us all challenge ourselves to tread as lightly as possible on the earth this season, shall we?

10 Tips to "Green" Your Thanksgiving and Holiday Season
Practical advice to make your holiday festive and green

1. When you buy organic you are ensuring the food on your table was grown without toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and antibiotics. When choosing a turkey, look for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) organic seal. It guarantees that a turkey was not fed antibiotics, which helps ensure those same drugs still work for humans. Also look for organic apples, celery, potatoes and green beans because these holiday favorites are among the fruits and vegetables that typically carry the highest pesticide residues.

2. Buy locally grown produce and meats from local farmer's markets. Food travels an average of 1,500 miles or more by train or truck from the farm to the supermarket. Trains and trucks emit air pollutants and heat-trapping carbon dioxide. Regionally grown meat and produce not only travel a shorter distance to your table and arrive fresher, but they may also come from mid-sized, pasture operations that often follow more environmentally friendly practices. To find local farmers and farmers markets near you, go to

3. Search for more genetically diverse meats and produce. Today's large-scale farms unfortunately focus on only a select few varieties of livestock and crops. For example, of the more than 250 million turkeys sold in the United States each year, 99 percent are the Broad-Breasted White variety. Many chefs and consumers, however, are finding that more unusual varieties, such as American Bronze turkeys, taste a lot better. Likewise, heirloom fingerling potatoes generally taste better than russet potatoes. Choosing such "heritage" varieties promotes biodiversity and ensures a reliable food supply for future generations.

4. Consider a meatless main dish. With the price of food substantially higher than last year, you can save money on groceries by skipping or reducing the amount of meat, often the heftiest part of the bill. By going vegetarian, you also will be helping the planet. Meat production generally depletes environmental resources more than other food production.
It's All in the Details

5. When entertaining, skip paper invitations and either call or send an email invitation to your guests. If printed invitations are a must, save paper by sending the information on a postcard or folded sheet of paper instead of in an envelope. For dinner, use reusable, washable dinnerware instead of disposable paper plates and cups.

6. Encourage guests to carpool or take public transportation to Thanksgiving festivities. If you have guests flying in for the holiday, suggest arrival times so you can reduce the number of trips you have to make to the airport. Urge them to take a direct flight, which uses less fuel than trips with two or three layovers. Better yet, tell them to take a motor coach or a train instead of flying.
After the Turkey, Deck the Halls!

7. Once the Thanksgiving celebration is over and the decorations come out, consider switching to energy efficient lighting for trees and outdoor displays to save money and protect the environment. Traditional holiday lights generate as much global warming pollution as about 250,000 cars annually, according to UCS research. So opt for LED (light-emitting diode) holiday lights, which use semiconductor technology to convert electricity into light directly, resulting in significant energy savings.

8. Get crafty with holiday decorations. Make your windows or dinner table more festive by creating decorations from recycled wrapping and tissue paper (For instructions, go to: For a whimsical table centerpiece, try growing your own wheatgrass in a shallow container (For instructions, go to: A vase with a display of organic flowers or interesting rocks is another low-budget, earth-friendly centerpiece idea. Instead of traditional Christmas wreaths, opt for an organic one made of mossy twigs, leaves, grasses or lavender.
Give Green Gifts!

9. Challenge yourself this year to purchase products made from organic or recycled materials wrapped in minimal, recyclable packaging. Look for gifts that are long-lasting and durable or that can be given to someone else when the recipient has finished using it.

10. Buy the most efficient electronic gadgets. Electronics with the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star label use significantly less energy than conventional models. Energy Star-rated power adapters and battery chargers also are available. Also look for models that come with a rechargeable battery. If the gadget on your shopping list comes only with conventional alkaline batteries, replace them with rechargeable batteries and include a battery charger with the gift.
(list courtesy of

See ya next week!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gabbi & Red's Rachael Ray Wedding!!

Today I am super excited to introduce you to Gabbi and Red. Gabbi was one of many brides who had her wedding plans come to a halt when her Houston, Texas venue ended up shutting down without warning in mid-September after filing bankruptcy.

Well, she got the wedding of her dreams last month as one of about 30 couples who married at a 'mass' wedding thrown in Houston by Rachael Ray. Here is Gabbi's story....and some gorgeous photos from her day!

It Started With An Email... 
"After the bankruptcy disaster, several couples decided to ban together, finding each other on different websites & starting a distribution list to keep each other in the know. Later, someone organized it into a Yahoo group so we could just sign in when we wanted to get messages. In the meantime the Rachael Ray Show was doing research on Hurricane Ike victims and came across our story, and somehow, our group e-mail address. I responded to the e-mail and  a producer called to get our story. Ironically, that was 10/17, and when she asked when our wedding was I said, “It was supposed to be tomorrow.” We told our story several times to 2 other producers over the next few days. They kept saying they were just “gathering research,” determining if this could be a story and were organizing a town-hall meeting on Sunday for all the couples to meet. Red & I said we’d make the drive. They called Wednesday afternoon & asked if we could come to Houston the next morning to interview. On top of everything we’d already lost, we didn’t mind adding 2 days of leave & gas money if it meant getting the word out to others. So my good friend let us stay & film at his place so we packed up & headed to Houston late Wednesday night & filmed the entire next day. The most we thought was that our input may be featured on a story about wedding disasters. Little did we know…"

Rachael Ray to the Rescue 
"Turns out the RR crew had the plans in motion before they even began calling us. The offer: 1 group wedding at Minute Maid Park - in 7 days!! We could invite 10 guests & the dresses, tuxes, rings, food, photography, etc. would all be handled by the show. All of this with a guarantee that the wedding would be “bigger & better” than anything we we could’ve imagined. Our 10 ppl covered our immediate family & although we were worried about “television” controlling all of it, we accepted the gift & got our marriage license the next day!"

Wedding Week 
"We raced back to Dallas right after the town-hall meeting on Sunday night – we had to be at work the next morning! We invited our 10 ppl & told just a few other friends what was going on. Even if we’d wanted to tell more, we didn’t have the time or energy. I declined the free David’s Bridal dress since I already had mine ready to go & was able to get my hair twisted & nails/toes done. Red got fitted for his tux, but we were sooo behind @ work, we couldn’t take off any more time. We couldn’t leave for Houston until Saturday morning – 1 day before wedding day. To add to the stress, the show kept trying to get us to come on Friday to do some filming, but we just couldn’t. So on Thursday afternoon, they told us one of their cameramen was on a flight to Dallas to film us here!! They taped me leaving work, Red getting his hair cut, me w/ 2 of my local BM’s helping me pack – they didn’t leave until after 9 that night. Then they filmed us in Houston on Saturday morning – Red picking out a wedding gift for me & Greta bringing me a collection of Stuart Weitzmans so I could have the perfect “Cinderella” shoes. After all of that trouble, they didn’t use any of that footage in the show, but I had to wear…and got to keep…the shoes."
The Big Day 
"My sister & I had a great breakfast after a good night’s sleep & headed to Minute Maid Park. My hair was freshly untwisted & the Toni & Guy staff did a great job of securing my feather & making my hair just a lil’ more funky…at least before the humidity killed it. On to the Sephora booth for make-up - they did just a good job as well...and I wore false eyelashes for the 1st time!

My sister, the 1 person I was allowed to have with me, was a Godsend and helped me get dressed. The final touch was a microphone cleverly placed under my dress, and the frustrating countdown began! Ugghhh!! We had to be dressed at 4:30, but didn’t walk down the aisle until 6:15. The nearly 2 hours in between was spent walking from holding area to holding area and waiting…and waiting."
Here we go!
"Finally, we’re right behind the curtains; our escorts meet us (it was my dad’s first time wearing a tuxedo – he was so handsome ) & we hear a thunderous cheer – they grooms had just come out! Then it was our turn… the walk down the aisle was our first time seeing everything, and it was breathtaking. They announced the names of brides, their escorts, & their grooms and then APPLAUSE / SCREAMS / WHISTLES!!! That’s right – each table cheered for their couple – it was so crazy, but wonderful! It reminded me of graduation!! I’m so happy the show allowed / encouraged that because it was just amazing - as if we’d overcome something to get to this big day…and in a way, we had. Each couple had the spotlight in their walk to their place. There was a brief, sentimental reading, then we said group vows & did a group ring exchange before we were pronounced husband & wife. FINALLY!!!"
The Ending 
"The food was wonderful; the cake was yummy; & the DJ did a good job of playing a mix of music. There were several photographers there & each was assigned to 3 couples. Our time slot was right when dinner began so we hurried through a lot of formal pics then grabbed her later in the evening for more of just us. The night ended with a fireworks display & some pretty awesome prizes – including an all-expense paid 4-day honeymoon to the Riviera Maya! 

The sheer generosity of Rachael Ray still amazes us. The wedding had no gimmicks, no publicity stunts; no hidden agendas. It was an absolutely wonderful & beautiful occasion that was still personal for each couple. If you watched the show, you’ll see I broke down crying when I called my mom to tell her what was happening. I’m not sure why, but they edited that to a different part of her conversation. What she said to bring on the waterworks was, “See, it pays to be a good, kind person b/c God puts wonderful people in your life to be the same to you...and you two deserve that.”

Photos copyright Christine Tremoulet

Thanks for letting me share your story, Gabbi!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Savvy Listed in EAD Library!

The Elizabeth Anne Designs blog is a great daily read--and their fairly new vendor library is an incredible resource for brides looking for florists, planners, photographers and more in their area. Check us out over at EAD!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Rachael Ray Wedding!

You may have heard about this--the Houston couples who were planning weddings at local venues that ended up shutting down without warning in mid-September after filing bankruptcy. The whole situation was terrible and many brides lost thousands of dollars--but more importantly were left with wedding plans in shambles. Thankfully, there was an outpouring of love from wedding vendors across the country--many offering their services for free. And then there was FOOD Network star Rachel Ray who hosted a gorgeous mass wedding for more than 30 of the affected couples.

The Rachel Ray wedding airs today on CBS. For show times in your area go here.

If you weren’t on the guest list for the fairy-tale wedding that Rachael Ray hosted for 33 Houston couples at Minute Maid Park earlier this month, don’t despair.

The ceremony was televised and will be featured Friday on Ray’s syndicated cooking show.

“I had a pretty great wedding,” Ray gushed this week by phone. “But that wedding (in Houston) was the best one I’ve ever been to. It was really overwhelming. It was kind of beyond words.”

The Houston couples never intended for a mass wedding. All had planned to celebrate their nuptials at either Bella Terraza near the Galleria or the Tuscany in Garden Oaks. But those plans died when the venues shut down without warning in mid-September. Parent company Titus Inc. filed for bankruptcy Oct. 8, according to the Better Business Bureau, which has received 150 complaints to date.

Many of the brides lost thousands of dollars in deposits; one woman had paid part of hers with life insurance money from her mother’s 2005 death from pancreatic cancer. Several interviewed by the Chronicle reported they had been offered discounts for paying in advance and in full.

Neither the company owners nor their attorney responded to requests for comment.

“It was a tragic, awful story,” Ray said. “We tried to replace a bad experience with a really beautiful memory.”

Read the full story here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bargain: Charlotte Russe Satin Bow Tie Stilettos

Don't these remind you of Nine West Jojus???

$24.99. Get them here

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hot: Feathers

I know.
Think feathers on shoes and you might just get that vision: the cheap, shiny, pvc "stripper" mule!
But don't fear, the market for feathers on feet has expanded and is much more tasteful:)
From J.Crew to Christian Louboutin feathers are embellishing some of the seasons' hottest sandals and pumps. I can't help but imagine how very hot a pair of any of these would be beneath a wedding gown!

Louboutin via Net-a-Porter

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Colors that POP!! Turq+ Orange

I love color. And I love seeing vibrant color in weddings--especially destination weddings. So occasionally you will see me feature amazing weddings with amazingly gorgeous colors here at Savvy. I typically don't like to 're-blog'/ or blog things that I have seen blogged elsewhere on the internet. Buttttt.....some things are just re-blog-worthy!

Today's wedding with colors that pop comes from Sun Gold Photography and took place at the Rock House Hotel in Jamaica.
What stood out to me here were the bridesmaids' dresses and flowers. And the racy trash the dress session was equally cool!
The BEST thing about these hot colors is that they are the colors of one of my summer brides who is doing a destination ceremony and reception at home in Ohio. Look forward to hers being fab!

All photos copyright Sungold Photography.
To see more go here.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rosa Clara Collection 2009

I had never heard of this line of gowns until one of my August 09 brides informed me that she was in love with one. For Northeast Ohio brides, apparently The Perfect Bride in Rocky River just got this collection in. They are beautiful and so worth checking out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Back...and with Leg Candy!!

Thinking about what you might do for a garter on wedding day?

Not thrilled by the typical frilly, lacy options?

Equally un-thrilled by the (often hideous) sports team themed garters that have recently become popular?

Well, look no further than the Julianne Smith collection!

Julianne contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know about her fab custom garters where you get to choose your background fabric and an accent fabric for something that totally reflects you. And she includes a free toss garter with every purchase. Can't beat that!

Check her out at Julianne Smith. And without further ado, the leg candy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Branching Out

For a while now, Nettleton Hollow has been thee place online to buy decorative branches and have by FAR had the greatest selection of branches from curly willow, to the popular manzanita to iced birch, grapewood, kuwa etc.

BUT, one of my favorite places for wedding craft supplies, online store Save On Crafts, has recently REALLY expanded their selection of natural branches! They now carry everything from manzanita, mitsumata, ghostwood, iced birch to natural huckleberry. They also carry faux branches and blooming branches. Check out their new selection here.

30"-40" Natural Manzanita

3ft-4ft Iced Birch