Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Mini-Moon for Me and my Honey!

So, you know that a few months ago we decided on our honeymoon:
A Moon for Me and my Honey Part I
A Moon for Me and My Honey Part II
A Moon for Me and My Honey Part III
But of course, that's not until AFTER the wedding--the last week in August. So, I introduce to you a new phenomenon: the Mini-Moon!
From the OnceUponYourWedding.com Blog:
Hold on to your engagement rings, because you are going to heart this. Instead of a honeymoon, you take a mini-moon during your planning period. Why? Well just like in all big times in life, you need a break. Planning a wedding, just like the long arduous process or buying a home or the incubating period of a pregnancy, can put quite a strain on a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, these are happy events that we are working towards. But because it’s in our nature to want everything to be perfect, we stress about little details, incorporations, etc.
Now, enter the Mini-Moon.
The mini-moon is a quick getaway for the bride and groom: 48 hours or more to a great place. This great place can be a vacation getaway or even the privacy of your own home. The deal is to not discuss anything wedding related for that 48 hours! That’s right– not one mention of your dress, six thousand bridesmaids, the peonies imported from New Delhi or the 700 buttercream roses which will adorn the cake.

Instead, you focus on what got you engaged in the first place– the two of you. If you take your mini-moon at home be sure to tell people you’re going a way. Nine times out of ten, people will call you, unaware of your wedding planning hiatus, and will want to talk shop. Lock up your wedding magazines, contracts, etc. Really make an effort to put the focus back on the relationship and not the wedding. After all, the wedding is only one day. The two of you are forever.

I first heard of the "Mini-Moon" on TheKnot.com, a place where I get many wedding related ideas...some good, some excessive, some useless. This is one of those ideas that sounded good but that I didn't think would be in the budget as we're financing 90% of our wedding ourselves.
But last week, Prince Charming proposed a weekend away in South Beach.
So, off we go!

Here is one great mini moon deal offered by Sandals that I found AFTER we booked our Miami weekend:
$179 One-Day Mini-Moon in Sandals Montego Bay (airfare and all-inclusive)

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