Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Aisle: My Prototype

This is soooo perfect for what I imagine our aisle looking like:
(I don't know who I snagged this photo from. Probably The Knot, but please let me know who I should credit if you know!)

Except with these colors:
From the Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog


Corey B said...

Please please please please please be careful with candles on the aisle! Make certain you do a trial run! As gorgeous as they are, as a photographer I have heard and seen many dresses go up in flames from catching one of the candles in the wrong way (not my brides but others). They've also been kicked over by people not looking when exiting etc.

If you want this look stick with the taller hurricane style holders to make it harder for things to go in it. ;) Or try the led candles. They may not be the prettiest thing but with the right votive/glass you'd never know the difference.

MThornton said...

Noooooo! Corey, don't scare me! LOL. I think we will be safe. We'll be sure to make the aisle fairly wide and the pillars will be in deep hurricanes and cylinders. My dress is mermaid and doesn't have any train to knock anything over--and neither do the BMs. And we'll do the seating so that the aisle is roped off and guests only enter from the opposite side of where the petal/candle line is. LOL.