Sunday, November 16, 2008

Colors that POP!! Turq+ Orange

I love color. And I love seeing vibrant color in weddings--especially destination weddings. So occasionally you will see me feature amazing weddings with amazingly gorgeous colors here at Savvy. I typically don't like to 're-blog'/ or blog things that I have seen blogged elsewhere on the internet. Buttttt.....some things are just re-blog-worthy!

Today's wedding with colors that pop comes from Sun Gold Photography and took place at the Rock House Hotel in Jamaica.
What stood out to me here were the bridesmaids' dresses and flowers. And the racy trash the dress session was equally cool!
The BEST thing about these hot colors is that they are the colors of one of my summer brides who is doing a destination ceremony and reception at home in Ohio. Look forward to hers being fab!

All photos copyright Sungold Photography.
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Anonymous said...

Love the color combinaion!

Sheena said...

Do you the name of the straps on the brides dress? It's beautiful!!!