Wednesday, March 25, 2009

M+R's Fuschia and Gold Wedding

Last August, a good friend of mine was married to the love of her life on the same weekend I was marrying mine!
I never blogged about her wedding but thought I would share some photos from her GORGEOUS 2-day, 500+ guest affair, because well--they are so GORGEOUS!  Enjoy!
Preparing for a longgggg day. Day 1 of an Ethiopian wedding starts at around 10am and usually doesnt end till like 2am. It's almost always a whole day of activity for everyone and starts with the husband-to-be coming to pick up the bride from her parents home in the morning...

What a GREAT looking bridal party! Geez!

M in traditional Ethiopian Melsi on day #2. Day 1 of the Ethiopian marriage celebration is when you get married; day 2 is the first day you are presented to your family as a wife.

There are those programs! I remember that trip to Papersource!

Catering: Dama Restaurant
Photography: Gediyon Kifle
Bouquets and bouts: Davinci Florist
Decor: Mimi Decor

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Anonymous said...

Meg you are far too kind, thank you for allowing us to be a feature on your LOVELY BLOG!!!