Monday, July 20, 2009

Be Savvy: Choosing a Wedding Planner

"Show me your wedding planner, show me you."
~an adaptation of a really great quote, by Meg:)

I love a good quote--and I think the one above is REALLY resonant and although it may seem obvious, is something I want to remind brides to think about as at least one criterion by which they consider to whom they will entrust the planning/coordination of their weddings.

When all things are equal with planners' track records, competence, reliability--I encourage you to think about hiring a wedding professional who most closely reflects your own style  sensibilities because I think this greatly increases the likelihood of your wedding or event being executed EXACTLY as you imagined it!

Anyone (I hope) can follow directions--like taking notes on where you want these candles, or how you'd like this table set-up etc. 
But it takes someone with a real eye, attention to detail and sense for what you're trying to achieve overall to do it well. That's why I find it helpful when your planner shares your own style sense, really 'gets' what you'd like to achieve and can offer ideas on how to make your ideas even better.

And the leads to a planner who may be a good fit for you are often obvious. Look at photos of past weddings a planner has been involved in styling or even just their web site--the style and feel of it--to get a sense for the personality/sensibilities/taste of a person before touching bases. 

Hope this helps--even if just a little bit:)

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