Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marilyn Monroe

Pink can be tricky to do right. And so can bling-because it is reallly easy to either overdo or just go wrong with both!
But I am soooo okay with lots of pink, frill, and sparkle when it is executed like this! Absolutely ethereal and inspired!
I love how the designer seems to approach her arrangements and tablescapes as if she is putting together a fashion collection, complete with main pieces, accent pieces, and jewelry!
All designs and inspiration photos copyright of the amazing Designs by Hemingway.

One design element that I'm starting to see more and more of is the sparklies/ beaded curtains/beaded strands. I posted a while ago about how designers are beginning to use them everywhere-- (they were mostly seen adorning chuppahs before) vases, tables, etc. See that post, plus some places to pick up sparklies, here.

Hemingway calls the below the Marilyn Monroe table!

Small beaded chandeliers are a great way to glam up any space, indoors or out.

And notice the use of sparklies here on this sweetheart table.


RahLa said...

The place setting is absolutely beautiful. I too love how the designer creates tablescapes like she is putting together an outfit or collection. Every detail has a purpose and completes the "look."

Beach Weddings said...

I agree, pulling off pink without making it too pink (8 year old girl pink) can be difficult. I love all of your examples though.