Sunday, January 11, 2009


A few of the brides I am working with are considering adding hanging crystal strands to centerpieces to 'glam up' their decor. (Example of one bride's popular DIY crystal escort card tree pictured below).
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With this trend growing in popularity, many craft-type stores are catching on. (I remember last year when bride's looking for crystal strands for escort card trees etc. were being referred to chandelier repair shops!)

One of my favorite online stores, Jamali Garden, now has a very nice selection of the sparklies.
Check them out here!

I've also found them here
and some more pricey ones at Cristalier
and Shop Wild Things also sells gorgeous acrylic beaded curtains that can be cut apart without raveling.

There are so many things you can do with bead strands. The below, super innovative example, is by Northeast Ohio florist Neil Leeson. I just LOVE it and can't wait to see a bride do something similar!
photo copyright Neil Leeson
What a way to totally GLAM an ordinary glass vase!

Below are some of Jamali Garden's offerings:



The first photo you posted...their entire wedding was gorgeous!!

MThornton said...

It was a GORGEOUS wedding!