Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kmart Flower Girls!

I didn't even know Kmart still existed until a sales associate at Children's Place suggested I look there for tights for my 4-month-old's Halloween costume! And wow was I surprised by the super cute selection of clothing there for little girls! Now, maybe this isn't every Kmart, but the one in my neighborhood is amazing! It led me to further investigate online, and my first thought was confirmed: this is an AWESOME place to look for flower girl dresses with big style on a dime. ESPECIALLY now, around the holidays. Here are some of my favorites! They are all less than $25.

Sleeveless Quilted Brocade Taffeta Dress

WonderKids Faux Fur Bolero

Satin Dress, Black Dot Overlay

Somerset Lane Sleeveless Ballerina Dress

Short Sleeve Brocade Top Crystal Pleated Dress

Tiered Satin Short Sleeve Dress

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