Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DIY: Blingy Branches!

Branches are a dramatic and effective decorating tool and are now coming colored,sparkled, glittered and iced to add an extra element to decor.
But these 'designer' branches often don't come cheap and cost much more than a bundle of unembellished branches.
For example, Nettletown Hollow is selling a bundle of 25 4 foot birch branches for $16.50--while for just FOUR of the same ICED birch branches you pay $16.99. Same with the sparkle birch.
But I have the answer!

Save-On-Crafts, a wonderful wedding planning resource has a great idea for cutting costs and making your own iced branches using tacky glue and Colorfill Diamond Vase Filler.

Tree branches
Aleenes Tacky Glue
Colorfill Diamond Vase Filler by Garden Splendor

Step 1.

Place a sheet of newspaper down for a work area. Pour a pile of Colorfill Diamonds in the center.

Step 2.

Place tacky glue on the branches and roll in the Diamonds. Let set 1 hour and you have ice covered branches. Easy as that!

Variations: Add some artificial moss or red berries to some of the branches.

And Voila!

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