Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mini Moon:Miami!

So--the 'mini-moon' was fabulous!
Perfect weather, relaxation, good conversation and great eating!
When my fiance proposed that we take some time to get away, of course he never thought of it being a break from wedding planning. But his thoughtfulness= a perfect mini vacation.
Here's what we did and some 'mini' reviews fit for a mini-moon/recommendations:
1. Lay on Beach and Do... Nothing: We stayed at the Ocean Surf, a no-frills art deco boutique hotel on North Beach so that's where we did our 'beaching.' Recommend it because it's quiet and not as crowded as SOBE--but also not too far from SOBE action when you feel like heading down to party! We were about a 10 minute drive from the action.
2. Eat at the small, local diners for breakfast and lunch: My fiance and I enjoyed two cuban restaurants and another small Columbian one for midday snacks while in Miami. Not only is the food at these places normally 'home-style,' large portions and extra yummy--it's MUCH cheaper to eat at these places.
My favorite: Puerto Sagua on Collins in SOBE. It's authentic Cuban--humongous portions--and oh-so cheap and yummy. Two huge spreads for $25. I had a huge steak that was so big it was served on its own plate; french fries; rice and black beans!
3. For Dinner, please eat at Texas de Brazil!!
OK--so Texas de Brazil, a churrascaria/brazilian steak house is not unique to Miami. You can find them in about a dozen locations. But I've been to SEVERAL of these steakhouses and Texas de Brazil takes the cake--or rather takes the meat!
Yum. Yum. Yum. And impeccable service! Don't fill up too much on the 50 item salad bar or sushi bar...but do try the garlic shrimp and lobster bisque if they have it that day. There's one near SOBE. Pricey but well worth it. If you sign up on their web site they'll send you a 25% off coupon, too.
4. Have Dinner on Ocean Drive on Sunday between 4 and 8 p.m.
Several of the restaurants were offering HALF-OFF--yes HALF off their menus during this time! We ate at an excellent place called Prime Time at the Waldorf Towers Hotel on the beach front. Superb. Two awesome steaks, great calamari, paella and drinks for like $60!! In the center of SOBE!
5. Have a Wet Willies Daquiri
I know this place is 'throwback'--BUT these icy drinks are GOOD! I love the Mudslide. If it's midday though, please avoid the liquor-loaded drink properly named "Call a Cab." My fiance was very tipsy off of one of these....
6. Go drinking and dancing at Mango's
Awesome Mojitos...several dancing rooms...hot people dancing everywhere=good times!

7. Bar-hop on Collins at the hotel bars

All of the hotels are so uniquely decorated and the bars and people in them interesting. We enjoyed Hotel Shelley!
8. Do something Non-Touristy
We ventured into 'Little Haiti' to TRY to do this...but we couldn't quite find where we going and were warned by several locals that we should beware of the area...so we left. But at least we tried!
9. Fly into Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm
We came into West Palm Beach and enjoyed the laid back and clean airport and the drive into Miami. It was relaxing and beautiful.
10. Bring some (Serious) Shopping Money
True Religion Store and tons of really hot boutiques! What more can a girl ask for!


Beach Weddings said...

Miami Beach Weddings are romantic

Beach Weddings said...

Miami Beach Weddings are romantic

Lindsay said...

The drink is "Call a Cab"? LOL, that would set me right for an entire night of dancing.

MThornton said...

Yes, Lindsay! It would def have you right for the whole night. LOL! Just not a good idea for 2 p.m....