Monday, October 13, 2008

Forgive me for...

My continued posting of Forever 21 pumps, but my recent trip to the three-level mega Forever in NYC (around 34th shopping district) has me a believer that the store's shoes are...ok! Certainly for a one-time wear (think your wedding). I even tried on a few pairs of heels while there and they were....kind of...comfy! Not bad at all for the price! Before visiting the NYC store which has its own 'shoe section' I was like most of us--used to seeing a few random shoes here and there placed around the stores. Hard to take seriously.

But THESE are pretty SERIOUS on style and price! Enjoy!

The Glamorous Satin Pump

The Pleated Satin Pump
$12.50. Yes, $12.50


Dana said...

Cute shoes

Sweetcakes By Melissa said...

you got to be kidding me Meg, those shoes are HAWT and I am loving the prices.