Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How To Make A Belly-Band

Of course this is only one way to go about it...
Below is a tutorial on how to create a very functional belly-band that will slide on and off of your pocket fold (or other) invite as a decorative element.
I hope it is useful!

1. You will need
  • Satin double-faced ribbon or other ribbon of your choice
  • 2X2 or 3X3 inch cardstock squares with a logo printed on them OR plain squares (and smaller stickers with a logo)
  • Medium Permanent Zots (glue adhesive dots)
  • Sharp Scissors

2. As I used 3X3 heavy paper squares and stickers, the first step was to place the sticker in the center of the paper square

3. Cut ribbon to about 1/4 inch longer than you'll need to wrap around your pocketfold (to allow for overlapping)

4.Press one edge of cut ribbon to Zots paper so that a few Zots stick to the ribbon edge. Do not pull Zots off with your hands. It is easy to just press the ribbon to them, and the zots will stick.

5. Wrap ribbon around the pocketfold so that edges slightly overlap and press edge with Zots adhesive to the other edge, making sure the ribbon is snug on the pocketfold but not super tight or too loose (so it can eventually slide it on and off) and then slide it off of pocketfold.

6. Take your decorative square and attach a Zot to the center back of the square then center it over your ribbon seam onto the ribbon.. Add a few more Zots to secure square to ribbon.

7. To speed up the process, pre-cut and adhere your ribbon and have your squares assembled:

8. Repeat!



Landra said...

Looks great Meg!

Corey B said...

Guess what - I've been stalking your blog too! Even though I got married last summer I still LOVE reading about people's planning. You are so creative!!! Where were you last summer!? I ADORE your details lady! These belly bands are so gorgeous! Make sure you bring one of these invites to the wedding so I can take pics of them!

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Not a big JS fan but her shoes are cute!
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Guess D'Orsay Pumps @ Piperlime (I think I have discount codes for here if you like these!). So far what I can find I like these best.

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I also HIGHLY suggest stalking Marshall's (my favorite shoe place), Ross (if you have one near you) and DSW.

Rahael said...

In love with the belly bands. Thanks for the instructions, I will be making these next weekend as my diy project!