Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lasting Impressions Event Rental, Cleveland

So I visited Lasting Impressions while at home and was very pleased with their customer service and very shocked with their selection. I was helped by Kristen (I think) but also worked with Patty over the phone and both are great.
We're using them for some of our rentals--highboy tables and pipe and drape.
Although we found a better deal for our dinner table linens, you can imagine my delight when this was the first thing I saw when walking into the store:
click pic to make big and clear!

You have to love that satin damask-print linen in their showroom!
So cute! And pops so well against the red so will surely pop well against hot PINK!

Well, trust me, the company knows this print is hot...because they are renting those things for literally an arm and a leg.
So I was thinking to use a few to break up my main linen color.
But then, as I was putting in my main linen order with BBJ Linen I happened to come across these photos on their web site (the bottom two images):

Not QUITE damask...but still really close....and equally pretty!

Well, the BBJ Linenversion is considerably cheaper....so...you know being the budget bride I am....!

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Dana said...

I am glad to hear that you had good customer service at Lasting Impressions, because I am planning on visiting their showroom here in Columbus looking for my table linens.