Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pimp my Shoes?

OK girls!
I've been on a binge for the past two weeks.
An Ebay binge!
It started the day I decided I may have to get creative to be happy with what I choose as wedding day shoes.
It is no surprise that I have not yet found thee perfect pair of fuschia shoes...
So, I realize I may have to take matters into my own hands somewhat to up the flair factor of the pair of shoes that come closest to being THEE ones!

Now, if I decide to do this,let it be known this is no original idea. I'll be following in the fabulous footsteps of a few other brides who took things into their own hands--by puchasing cute shoes and making them much cuter via dye and bling.
Blingy clip earrings or small brooches are good candidates for shoe-makeovers.
And what better place to search than Ebay! Well, needless to say I got very carried away.
My purchases are still arriving in the mail daily, but here's what arrived today.
Warning: images of me playing dress-up with some of said bling to follow:

I love playing dress-up!
All of the shoe bling options together:

Yeah, all of that in one day...sad. But the good thing is that they are all vintage earrings purchased for as low as 99 cents to a max of about $8.99. They are all beautiful and much better-made than today's costume jewelry.

So...this is what I have in mind. To pimp my shoes, I would simply add a pair of bling to whichever shoes I end up with. Kind of like Knottie Vintage Glam did here (she also had hers dyed orange):

And how Knottie ilovemycoastie did here:

To be honest, I would rather just be able to find shoes that are perfect as they are and would rather not spend time doing this. But time's a tickin'...and I need shoes!

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Dana said...

Love all of the shoes. I am sort of a shoe nut. I am looking for some just like this that I can get dyed aqua for my wedding.