Monday, October 29, 2007


When you think of the pattern Damask, you may think Grandma's boring kitchen table linens, ugly floral patterns...or just plain ol'..."old!"
But think again. Because Damask is back! And it's one of the primary inspirations for my wedding color "palette."

From the runway-ready clothing and accessories to the latest Martha Stewart tablesettings, the Damask pattern has reinvented itself and is a fabulous way to accent tables...or anything for the matter in a unique and visually stimulating way!
One fabulous new rendition of damask is the so-called "Retro" Damask pattern.
Two designers with hot renditions of damask are Michael Miller Fabrics and Joel Dewberry.

The new 'pop' colors damask is showing itself in are great.
But my favorite is a bold and crisp classic black and white damask accented with a bright, funky-colored flower or other object. It says "elegant" "vintage" and "ultra-modern" simultaneously!

Damask table runner place setting.

Modern damask notecard from The Paper Cafe
Hmmmm...the more I look at that black and white print with that bright green color, the more I wanna change our colors....!


So Frugalicious said...

I'm in love with the damask print! I'm trying to find black/ivory damask table runners. Any ideas on where to rent them? Thanks!

MThornton said...

Hi there--try I know they have damask linens.
I will say that damask fabric period is really hard to find right now b/c it's so hot. You could just buy fabric and have them made--but even the fabric is sold out most places! Good luck!

Linda said...

I love damask!!! My BMs threw me a shower with damask black/white and pink. If I could have put it in my wedding I would have!!!

christee bella said...

i love damask also- it's interesting how so many different arenas under the broad scope of "design" or "art" seem to follow similar paths in terms of trends in colors, patterns, and styles: graphic design, home goods & interior designs, stationary, fashion (and fabrics or textiles), fine arts, arts & crafts (scrapbooking, jewelry making, card making...etc)...even car designs- and damsk is certainly one of those hot trends that has found its way into everything. I do want to add that, technically, damask is a type of weaving which utilizes various patterns (most often floral, leaves...etc, but sometimes scenes with animals), it is not an actual "pattern" itself- though it certainly seems to have evolved into one- basically anything that resembles a traditional damask weaves' pattern is called a "damask pattern" (which makes sense- though the various patterns found in many damask are of different subject, they tend to follow a similar style of render and repetition)...