Friday, October 5, 2007

Branches! Gotta Love 'Em!

It probably won't surprise you--being the non-conformist I am--that I really like the use of branches...especially fresh blooming floral design.
But I also really like branches used as decoration (they have so much impact!), especially the below cool ones I found on ApartmentTherapy ( a web site meant to share interior decorating ideas for small spaces but that just has awesome decor ideas in general!).

Basically, they're just lighted branches that can be used to spruce up the home...or, of course... as decoration. I think they would be lovely used in a ceremony.
I haven't found who sells those exact branches pictured (I know some web sites in the UK do) but Phillips has something similar called Aurelle Lawn Stakes.
I also found some cool beaded artificial branches on a web site, White Aisle.
Though silk flowers are not definetly not my thing, I do really like the decorative dried branches/sticks/grasses/curly willow that have become so popular in event design.

These things can be found at any craft store and are great for adding a modern flair to design.

Manzanita branches and trees are also great alone or to hang small votives from.
And though I suppose these arent't really "branches" my favorite floral add of all are these cool fern shoots (or fern curls) (see below).

A Cleveland florist, Fleurs de France, uses fern curls in many of her designs. One place you can order fern curls from online is HawaiiBlooms. Basically, you just stick the fern curls in your flower arrangements for a whimsical look.
That's all for now. Hope I inspire someone!
Oh, and if you do love branches like me, here is a great and affordable web site that is sure to get the creative juices flowing. This website, DriedFlowersRUs, is also good.


Anonymous said...

the first picture in this post is very elegant. Great use of candles and branches creating an enchanted forest. 5 stars for going with this theme. CRM :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. The picture is very beautiful. Im trying to find something just like the branches in that picture. Can you tell me where I can get them?

MThornton said...

One good place is
Also, I would check Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby-type craft stores, and your local florist who maybe can get them for very cheap.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Best Place to Buy Them: Flower Branch Lights