Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is not a review.
This is a rave!
Fiance and I now have our own personal dot-com wedding web site! It is powered through a content management system hosted by Wedshare. Now, let me say, I was at first skeptical whether I was going to get my $79 dollar's worth from buying a website.
But after setting up our site and exploring all of the features, I must say it is WELL worth the money and everyone should have one! Here's why:
1)Novelty Factor:
I's your OWN web site! You decide how long it stays up (and pay accordingly). You can add photos, music, your love story. It's very personal and your guests can log on and sign your online guestbook!
2) Ease of Use Factor
Sure...if you're a computer programmer or if you're just extra programming savvy, them make your own site from scratch. But like most people, web content management programs, like Wedshare, basically walk you through how to set up and maintain your site.
3)Online RSVP Factor
Wedshare and some other sites allow a very thorough online RSVP process so guests can reply online instead of through mail. This is not only convenient, it's fast! I was impressed with how thorough Wedshare's system is. It let's me import our guest list from an Excel sheet. So when guests register online all they have to do is enter their first and last names. The system then recognizes them and specifies how many seats have been reserved in their name, tells them details like "this event is adult-only," and even lets them choose what they want to eat (if you're having a meal with several options). The system then logs their response and sends me an e-mail letting me know someone has responded.
4)Organization Factor
In addition to tracking your guests and multiple events at a time (e.g. wedding/reception/rehearsal) Wedshare has a built-in budget-tracking system which is very useful.
5)Communication Factor
You can password-protect pages on your Wedshare site that are targeted at certain people...say, your bridal party. On ours, we have "bridesmaids" and "groomsmen" pages that will have all the info the bridal party needs and even has a forum.
6) Not-Cheesy Factor
Many templated web sites simply look cheesy and cookie-cutter, but most of Wedshare's templates look pretty good, especially after customized. Our web page also has multi-media hosting capacity, so we can add slideshows, video etc...

My main attraction to Wedshare was the online RSVP. Competitively priced and easy to use, unless my Wedshare screws up when it actually comes time for guests to use it...this site gets an A+.

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