Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Moon for me and my Honey: Part III

Part I: Intro to DR
Part II: Europe is Out

So today we reserved our honeymoon trip in Punta Cana, which I discussed fairly extensively before.
I guess I was expecting to write about a bunch of other honeymoon options, and then be torn as to where we should go...
But considering our budget constraints for this part of our wedding, the all-inclusive in DR seemed perfect.
Hawaii was an option, but as lovely as I heard it was, it didn't seem "exotic" or interesting enough being a part of the United States. I know that's silly...but I was really adamant about leaving the country...
I also looked at Bali and the Cook Islands, but wayy too expensive for us at this point.
And as I noted last week, Europe was out of the question because of the lagging dollar.
So, DR, here we come!

In a prior post I talked about how TripAdvisor is such a wonderful resource when researching vacations/hotels/etc. I love it because travellers from all over the world can rate, write a description of and even share candid photos of a resort. TripAdvisor then averages out these ratings and provides overall ratings for an entity--even breaking it down in ways like:"Best resorts for honeymooners" "Best resort for singles" "Best for families." There are also active message boards.

However, another great resource I just found is Frommers, the travel version of Zagat's. In addition to the yearly travel guidebooks Frommers puts out, the traveler extraordinaire now has a web site that is a wealth of information on everywhere in the world.

You can search by country or destination and find the best places to go for what you want to do, and straightforward info about the country, what it has to offer, what to expect.There are also active message boards.
I think Frommers combined with TripAdvisor is a smart way to research your vacation.

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