Sunday, October 7, 2007


Customer Service: A
Quality: C
So, I have ordered some invitation samples, just to see what's out there in terms of printing and quality.
As I said before, I am in the process of getting invites designed so I will likely not go with a 'wedding invitation company,' but I still was curious.
TheAmericanWedding, a web-based store that sells invitations and other wedding related things, had great deals on invites--like 100 invitations + envelopes with raised printing for $130.
So, I ordered these samples of the "Bold Curves" and "Parisian" invitations:

The web site has hundreds of invites to choose some, and though most don't appeal to me, they do have a good selection.
The samples looked exactly as pictured when they arrived, and they arrived quickly.
But when I showed the samples to fiance he said: "Umm...I like the style, but don't they feel kinda homemade? Like construction paper?"
He was right. The samples don't look cheap, but they are not constructed on very heavy card stock. I think the paper is heavier than construction paper, but not as sturdy as I would imagine a formal invitation should be.
So overall, I think this web site has a good selection and is great for customer service because of the fast ship. But, unless you are on a super tight budget I would suggest looking elsewhere due to the quality of the paper used.
It is worth noting, however, that they do offer raised printing, and I thought the printing looked fine.
Lesson of the day: Order SAMPLES!!

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Anonymous said...

I purchased some invitations from as well. I would agree with you that the paper is a bit cheap but not too bad. The thing that upset me was when I got the invitations in the mail, they did not send the inner envelopes. When I contacted them about this, they did not apologize and acted as if it were an inconvenience for them. After waiting ~ 1 week, the inner envelopes came in the mail. Unfortunately, they sent me the wrong ones (they were supposed to be square but they were rectangular and too large for my outer envelopes). They did finally get me the correct ones but I am extremely disappointed in their service. Sorry for ranting but I am pretty upset with them.