Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So...over Thanksgiving weekend you know I met with two florists in addition to the lighting company.

Well, I am glad to say, I have found my florist! And it was such an easy an obvious choice!

Helene of Brunswick Ohio-based Hosanna Designs will be doing floral for the wedding. (She created that mandap pictured).
I first chatted with Helene last month and got a great feeling about her over the phone.
That feeling was confirmed upon meeting her Saturday over the Thanksgiving holiday.
She works from her home studio on the west-side of Cleveland, so we met half way, near downtown, for lunch (which she'd offered to treat me to).
As soon as I saw her we connected and bounced ideas off of each other for about an hour.
What I loved about Helene is that she was very upfront about what flowers cost and had great ideas on how to save money. She actually showed me catalogs of her wholesalers and was clear about pricing. Most of all, she is clearly passionate about what she does.
Very excited to be working with her!
**One thing I must note about Hosanna Designs is that they don't charge a deposit. I was certainly prepared to give her one, but...according to Helene: "I've raised kids. Spend that money on vendors who need it now.."
Just like a mom!

In all, I interviewed three florists. Maybe I should have talked to more, but interviewing vendors is tiring and I believe you know when you've found the right one.

The others I met with with were Lynn from Creations by Lynn, Broadview Heights and Amy of AC Designs, Westlake (well, didn't actually meet her but communicated via e-mail).
Both Amy and Lynn could be good choices for floral and I have nothing but good things to say about them both.
Lynn's shop was very organized. She even had fresh orchids, mokara and cymbidium, by the stem-- a huge plus for an orchid-lover like me!
Her prices are reasonable but she said she does 4 weddings in a weekend--which seems like a lot and kind of turned me off).

Amy is a fast and excellent communicator. She worked with me via e-mail for a few days and created sketches of ideas she had and was able to quote me this way. Amy's prices are very reasonable and she is good at thinking outside of the box. I just wished I could've seen more of her work...

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Meg said...

Congrats on booking your florist! 3 seems like plenty to check out- I wish I hadn't had to go to so many florists.