Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I. Heart. Etsy!

Generally, I'd like to think I am pretty crafty and have decent taste.
And normally, when I take on do-it-yourself projects they come out better than expected. Plus, I enjoy 'personalizing' things and paying attention to the details.

For our wedding, there are a number of small projects that I am excited to be taking on myself, e.g. our invitations, a crystal manzanita tree, programs, out of town boxes etc. But I am not so ambitious to think I couldn't use some creative help from somewhere...
Enter Etsy!
Etsy is presently my favorite online store--one huge marketplace of items by individual sellers/small companies. And EVERYTHING is hand-made. I first came across Etsy via the store of Emily, who took my inspiration and designed our invitations.

Now, I literally spend hours browsing this site-- and I have found some amazing and oh so affordable finds that will help me with my projects, namely 200 CUSTOM stickers for $6!?!? (Sorry ladies, I'll post the link AFTER I order mine!)

Anyways, here are a few of the adorable things I've found on Etsy (some NOT wedding related):

Crown Labels by Paperologie
Really see no use for these...but I'll FIND one! I love them!

Custom Monogrammed Ring Pillow from MondeDesign


Silk Dupioni Custom Monogrammed Check Book Cover from plethora

This could be something to add to BM's gifts:)

Personalized Monogram Bloomers/ Diaper Cover from Carabellas

Baby Raven, I want these for you!

Luxe Fuschia and Red Damask Hemp Strung Tags by Paperologie

Again, unsure how I would use these. But they are surely eye candy!

So basically, I've found Etsy to be a good place for supplies, but more so for general inspiration!

What are things you look at, read etc. for inspiration--fashion, decor or other?

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