Sunday, November 4, 2007

Photo Finish!

I'm happy to say that today we can check another vendor off our
list--our photographer!
I've talked a lot about photography and how important it is to me. I've talked about some great Cleveland-area photographers,
one who was booked on my date. And I've talked about my engagement photos, and how awesome the photographer who took them is..

BUT I have never even mentioned the photographer we chose!

Introducing Joe Kolecki, of Kolecki Photography!

Joe used to work with a larger Cleveland company and has recently started shooting on his own.
By far, thing that I liked most about Joe's package was the reasonable price for all-day-coverage. That means he'll be there as much as I want...from early morning salon-time to the last dance.
Kolecki only offers one package that assures all-day-coverage and then you can
pretty much decide what kind of extras you want. The package also guarantees a high res dvd with all of the images taken and a very cool photo book--which is exactly as it sounds--your photos laid out into a glossy book format to 'tell the story' of your day. This is in lieu of a traditional album, which fiance and I didn't want anyway after first seeing a photo book. We saw few photographers who had packages that actually included the photo books. Either they offered them as an extra starting at like $300 for a small book...or packages that did include them were outrageous pricewise.

I think Joe will do a great job capturing clear and telling photos of our day. He is not (I don't think) a photojournalist by trade (which is something I wanted) but
then again, his photos do not come off as cheesy or contrived like many wedding photos can. And he is open to doing what we want. So we've stressed that we want very few posed photos and would like him to focus on shooting exactly what he sees and not to try to "create" or "stage" moments.

For the price and product we think Kolecki
well-suits our needs. We both LOVE photos and photo printing, so the right to our images on DVD was a must. And neither of us were into the multiple albums (something we'd like to do as a project ourselves) but we LOVE the photo book.

Plus, booking Kolecki was a treat, especially after the fiasco that happened with our former DJ on Friday!

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Meg said...

Congrats on booking your photographer- it looks like you are getting a great deal!