Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Free Orchids!!

So, I was having a flower attack today--an uncontrollable feeling I get now and then when I have to get my hands on some fresh flowers. So I broke down and went to the flower stand to buy some more orchids. The guy wanted $15 for 10 stems...and while I know that's not bad for orchids generally, I have bought them for $10 from another local stand, SO I talked him down to $12. That's when the FLOWER ANGEL-- some random city worker-- strolls up and asks who the flowers were for. When I replied they were for me he whispered something to the flower man and told me to put my money "back in my pocket."
He freakin' bought me the flowers and then disappeared. I swear. Now you KNOW free orchids made my day!
Here are some photos of one stem I submerged. (I'm considering some sort of sunken orchid centerpiece...)

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