Saturday, February 23, 2008

Burn Baby...Burn!

I did a little...shall we say... experiment today.
I bought a 3 X 3 pillar candle from DollarTree to see if it would REALLY burn for 15 hours and if would burn clean.
I'm using lots and lots of pillars for the wedding and reception and in searching for the best ones for the value I've learned two things about pillars:

1: They are really expensive--especially the bigger ones and
2: I need to make sure I'm buying pillars that will keep on burnin' throughout the evening

Now, I only need my pillars to burn for six hours, and Dollar Trees $1 3 X 3 belltop pillars seemed too good to be true.
But ladies, I am proud to report the sucker burned all day. Lit it at 2:45 p.m. and it's still going strong at midnight.

You can order these in bulk at DollarTreeDirect online. The company will ship them to you OR to your local store for FREE!
The candle after 8-hour burn:

And now-- I'm off to bed!

1 comment:

Monica the Bride said...

I'm glad you're as obsessed with dollar tree as I am.

The ladies at my local store already know me as the "girl who comes in here for her wedding DIY experiments"