Friday, February 15, 2008

Post-Valentines Treat!

My sweet fiance got me three bunches of flowers for Valentines Day, some orchids, tulips and carnations, so I decided to play around with the carns and thought I would share! Also found a cool damask candle holder at Dollar Tree this evening that would go perfectly with my decor if I can find more. They are different than the other damask votive holders I found. I'm going to try to call Dollar Tree Direct Tuesday to see if I can order a bunch more. The cubes the carns are in are from Dollar Tree also. I secured the ribbon to them with double-sided tape, but if you're looking to secure ribbon to glass for an event, I'd use hot glue to make sure it stays. Anyway, enjoy!


Monica the Bride said...

I have been looking for damask candle holders everywhere.

Are you selling yours?

MThornton said...

Hi there! When is your wedding? I could sell them to you after mine.

Monica the Bride said...

Mine is in November. I called Dollar Tree Direct to try and order some of the ones you posted (in my area I bought only 3). They are out and cannot fill an order.

I'd love to buy yours. I am a damask fanatic as you are. I also love your Knot bio and shared it with another bride who is using damask, too.

You can e-mail me if you'd like at