Friday, February 22, 2008

Envelopes Part II: Mommy's Revised Label!

OK-- so one thing I learned really quickly when starting to plan the wedding was: tap into your resources!
In my case, today, I found out my sweet, sweet mother did not have to be a "graphic artist" to create a really nice label for me and fiance to use on our invites! I talked about how we're bucking etiquette and opting to use clear labels here. Something similar to the graphic below is what we will use.
If you like the fancy font, it is 'Scriptina' and is downloadable for free from

We will print all of our guests' salutations and addresses on large 2" X 4" clear Avery labels.
Thanks, mom! You're the best! (Oh yeah, that's mom below. She's gorgeous, right?!)

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