Friday, May 30, 2008

Call Emily Post....

I'm a bad, bad girl...
I used labels on our invitations. CLEAR mailing labels. And, *gasp* colored ink! I wanted something that looked nice and neat but couldn't afford calligraphy (or rather, calligraphy wasn't something I cared enough about to splurge on) and I don't like my own handwriting enough AND kind of was just too lazy to address them by hand.

So here ya go. The finished envelopes.
-Labels, my mom
-Envelopes, Silver Pearlescent Metallic from

Photobucket -Stamp, Etsy


These--the DIY pocketfolds fiance and I worked long and hard to assemble-- are getting sent out tomorrow!! I feel like we are sending off our children! I am pleased with how they came out EXCEPT for the hideous freaking one-cent "tiffany lamp" stamp. I mean come.on. US Post Office. Can we do a little better with the aesthetic appeal of the one-centers--assuming that most people will be buying them for a WHILE?!

Will post detailed photos of the actual invite tomorrow.

FYI--Here were our DIY Save the Dates (in case you missed) And yes, I addresses all 150 of these myself with my trusty Sharpie:

-Envelopes, Azela Metallic, PaperandMore

Actual Save the Date (Vista Print):Photobucket

The orange (tangerine) color started as a piece of our color scheme so it is reflected throughout our correspondence stationery. But we have since ditched it. Hey. A girl can change her mind!

Happy Friday!


Eliana@BYSE said...

Love the tags

Dana said...

What font did you use on your labels? I really like them.

MThornton said...

Thanks ladies! I used Scriptina--free download from

Corey B said...

I think Emily Post would be okay with it because those invitations are so amazing! Wow, I'm really impressed! Make sure to bring one of your babies for me to take pics of OK?

bchgrl74 said...

They look fantastic! What did you end up printing your invites on? I noticed in another post, you said that you were going to use the oversized post card from Vista Print. I'm so inspired by you, I'm thinking of doing my own pocket folds!

Anonymous said...


Your invitations and labels are amazing!!!


Dena said...

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan.

Can you tell me if you did your clear lablels with Scriptina font and colored ink in WORD? I LOVE the look of this and would like to do something similar for our invites.


MThornton said...

My mom made them. She said she used Microsoft Word Art in Word. The word art is in the middle and she used text boxes at the top and bottom for first name/ address,city,state,zip. I hope this helps!