Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stampin': Invite Crunch Part I

Well, this should technically be 'invite crunch' part two--as fiance and I spent our Thursday night taping and assembling the remainder of our pocketfolds as we are hustling to meet a May 15 invitation send-off date!
Not so sure May 15 is going to happen....but in a strong effort, here I am on a SATURDAY night doing what else but...stamping dozens of envelopes with the return address stamp we had created.
It's a wood-handle rubber stamp I ordered to use on the back of our envelopes for both our return addresses and as a decorative element.

Done and done.
Next up: Finish the belly-bands--A.K.A: "THEE biggest time-sink ever"


Eliana B. said...

Love checking out your blog. Great job.

MThornton said...