Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Woot-woot girls!!
The shoes have arrived and they could not be more perfect. The 7.5 fits fine--and even became more comfy from the 15 minutes I walked around the house in them tonight!!

Honestly...these shoes are so gorgeous...these photos do them MAJOR injustice:)


Linda said...

Awesome, they are gorgeous!!

Big Shot said...

I think the photos look great!! If they do them injustice, then I can't imagine what they look like in real life. I love a d'orsay. The most flattering shoe ever.

Dana said...

I love the shoes. I am a sure nut. They are similar to what I want for my wedding, but in aqua. Great thing that they are comfortable and sexy.

Shu Luva' said...

It's lovely but I want mine with a touch of green. It do look gorgeous though... Two weeks to come and it's my big day. I'm making a journey finding the perfect shoes for my wedding and I also write blogs about it.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

hi there! i just found you via alltop and i am so excited to now follow you as you plan your wedding!

your shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!!

Dena said...

Love the shoes!!!! I found your blog on The Knot. You are mad creative...I'm truley inspired by your ideas. I'm not getting married until next year. Any advise for a newbie???

Good luck to you. Can't wait to see your actual wedding pics!!!