Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DIY Undies!

OK, so thanks to some resourceful Knotties and some good tutorials from Ebay I was able to make my day undies!! Ha! Cute, right?? I know there's nothing really special about these--except that I MADE THEM! And they were much cheaper to make than buy and have shipped:)

Here are some GREAT instructions. And more GREAT instructions. But here is my version if you care:)

You Need:
Hotfix flatback rhinestones: I used 10ss but you can go smaller for sure
Mylar Paper
Wax-tipped rhinestone picker-upper
Undies of your choice

1. In MICROSOFT WORD go to "Insert----> WordArt" and use WordArt to type out your text. Use one text box for your soon-to-be last name "Mrs.XXX" and then use a separate text box for your "EST. DATE" if you choose to include this.

2. Use the Word draw tools panel and select 'Rotate or Flip' then choose 'Flip Horizontal.' This will flip your text so it looks like you are looking at a mirror image of the text. Next adjust your text for the font you want (Lucida Handwriting or Calligraphy are nice) and font size. Print them out and through trial and error see what will fit well on the undies you choose. Then print and cut out your text.

3. Next, tape your text down onto your work surface and tape it so it stays in place.

4. Then take your MYLAR paper--peel off the sticky sheet away from the white backing and place the sticky sheet on top of your text--sticky side UP. Tape it down to the table, too, so it stays put.

5. Then just place your rhinestones onto the sticky mylar paper over your text (trace it with the rhinestones). Make sure your rhinestones are SHINY SIDE DOWN and glue side up. You should be looking at the glue side (when you flip it and put on your undies the shiny side will be up).

6. After you're done with the design, place it shiny side up onto your undies. Take a thin cloth or even thin t-shirt and place it over the design/mylar paper. On high heat and NO STEAM place the iron over the design (and cloth) and put pressure. This is melting the glue! Do this until you feel the stones are setting. Then flip the undies over and apply the iron to the back of the undies too. This is IMPORTANT in making sure they set!

Cost Break Down

720 hotfix 10SS flatback rhinestones: $10.94 (including shipping--EBAY) [I did not use them all]
Mylar Paper: $4.99 (Ebay)
Undies: $2.99 from Burlington Coat Factory (Rampage)
Total Cost: $18.92

Compare to a pricetag of $32.99 (that is WITH cheapest shipping option) from Also, CustomGlamGirl has restrictions on the amount of letters you can use: 14 characters. Which would have made my little "Established in...." line not possible.

If you want, I can make you some. Just leave a comment with your email.


Sarah said...

How fun. I would probably mess up the letters trying to do something like this.

Anonymous said...

Do you mind sharing the cost of this? is cute and i would LOVE to do this!!!

Eliana@BYSE said...

Love it!

Corey B said...

How awesome is that?! Great job, those look better than the "pro" ones I've seen out there and are MUCH cuter!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the cost if i send YOU a check will you make mine...hahaha...just kidding but you did THAT good of a job you might be able to start a side hustle!!!