Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day Old Bouquet

I'll probably not wrap the bridesmaid's bouquets until the day of the wedding in August. But interestingly, my little test bouquet that I had sitting in a vase overnight held up great after a day. (I left the stems exposed, so was able to keep it in water).
Today, on this lovely Saturday, fiance and I are off to go pick out tuxes! I love it when he is involved--he is mostly laissez faire when it comes to the planning. But we got up and out early this morning to shop for summer clothes for our toddler(and he actually helped me shop) so hopefully tux-shopping will go well, too!
Have a great weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Your bouquet looks wonderful. I am also having the same color scheme and was wondering if you would interested in selling your candle holders and program baskets. My wedding isn't until 8.29.09 but I haven't had much luck in locating these items. Any suggestions you can give will help. You can contact me at