Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Be Savvy: "Details Please!": On Floral Proposals...

The writer of one of the wedding blogs I love to follow, destination planner Kelly McWilliams (Weddings by Socialites), has a recent (very useful) blog post on the importance of detailed floral proposals which really got me thinking.

In her post, she discusses why thorough proposals from your florist are essential so that there are NO surprises on your wedding day and so you know exactly what you're getting--down to the kind of ribbon and wrap for bouquets and even what type of alternate flowers may be used in the case a promised flower is not available.

But another really great reason to request such detailed proposals is to know exactly what you are paying for--and to be able to decide if there are things in the proposal you may forgo, do cheaper or that your wedding planner can do for you. This is where a wedding planner can really help out!

One of the things I do as a planner is review all of the contracts--and proposals--that my brides and grooms receive from vendors. I look at them for any gaps, unanswered questions or red flags....

But it's also REALLY important for me to be able to see where I may help my couples save money! And to be sure we stay within budget. Normally, there will be things I can flag in a floral proposal that are not necessary or that we can downgrade or negotiate for budget purposes. And because I talk to and deal with vendors often, I can immediately see when something may be done in a more budget-friendly manner. 

The best floral proposals are those that go into detail about each aspect of the floral--i.e. personal flowers, ceremony and reception flowers, cake table flowers etc.--AND that include itemized pricing for each piece--e.g. 6 boutonnieres at $7 each to be made of X-type of blooms in Y-color and to be wrapped in Z-kind of ribbon...)

Hopefully this is helpful in terms of figuring out your floral and in seeing one way in which a wedding consultant may help save you money!

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LaKeda said...

You really know your stuff!! When I get engaged, I would like for you to help me to Be Savvy!