Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Etsy Week Day III: Sweet B Papers

Just as the groom too many times becomes an afterthought in the wedding planning process--so do the groom's and his guys' boutonnieres! I have sat through several meetings with florists where 20 minutes is spent considering the bridal bouquet and bridesmaid's bouquets--only to be followed by a 30-second affirmative decision on bouts {typically something like this}. 

FLORIST: "We'll give the guys something to complement. Let's go with single white roses with a black wrap. And we'll add some greenery to the groom's to make his a bit different."

And just like that dies the possibility of really cool/thoughtful/unique boutonnieres!

Well, as I believe firmly that it's all in the details, today I'm offering one (of many) alternatives for the guys!

Check out the personalized bouts by Etsy seller Sweet B Papers. Enjoy!


Charles said...

I'm definitely diggin it...especially the fourth one...

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...