Sunday, September 30, 2007

Review: Country Miss Bridal: Upper Marlboro, MD

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Saturday morning I visited another local bridal called Country Miss. I know. I said I had found a gown. But hey, no harm in looking around, right?

First impression:
The shop is cute...located in a mini strip mall on a narrow street in the very "country-looking" neighborhood of Upper Marlboro. It was not far from where we live, but I had never ventured into the area.
Just from the way the store looked on the outside (small) I assumed their collection of gowns would also be disappointingly small.
I was wrong.

The store was larger inside than it appeared. There was a staff of about six women, who were for the most hands-off and not at all pushy. The girl who helped me asked what I was looking for and grabbed some gowns while allowing me to also look through their racks.
Compared to the other bridals in this area I've been to--maybe 4--they had the largest selection of gowns.

The girl helping me was laid back and helpful. There was a stage to view yourself on. I thought it was weird they had a sign that read: "No cameras on Saturdays." Not sure what that was about.

Like most other bridals, deposit for gowns and BM dresses is 50%. If you get al BMs dresses from them they offer 15% off each dress (mothers' too) plus 10% off yours. I think that was the most generous I'd seen. It looked like they did alterations on site. They said the longest any gown would take to arrive was 3 months. I've heard longer delivery times quoted other places.

I think the best thing about Country Miss is that they double as a tuxedo rental place. Compared to some of the staple tux rental spots (i.e. Men's Wearhouse,Tuxedo Junction)they had way nicer tux options and
many designers.

A downfall of this bridal is that they don't carry any couture gown lines.

I may take fiance back there with me to look for a tux though.

Overall score: C+

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Meg said...

MNC- Thanks for the info about lighting. We are still looking into it, and have been in contact with (website is lousy).

Arne at Blooms by Plantscaping does some lighting as well, and I have his prices. He also mentioned that the people at our location (the Renaissance) would be able to do it more cheaply than any other lighting designer in town- but he was referring to places like Vincent lighting. Arne said that Vincent would start at 1k.

We are meeting with the lighting guy at the Renaissance in a couple of weeks when we are in Cleveland, and will hopefully have a better idea whether we will just go with them, or go with someone else. If we do go with someone else, we will still look into Vincent- my cousin works there, as does a neighbor, so that might help.

When all of the lighting stuff is figured out, I'll be sure to blog about it :-)

Have you had any luck finding a photographer?