Monday, August 27, 2007

Black is the new...BLACK!!

Word on the street is that chocolate is the new black--and from the weddings I've been to this year, chocolate as THE accent color for weddings is EVERYWHERE. It looks good. But its omnipresence is exactly why I will not use it in my wedding.
Now, black...I love.
I know, I know. Why in the world would I want the color *black* to make an appearance at our wedding??
After all, black is synonomous with things like:
Well, not for me. Black is, indeed my favorite color. And for good reason. Black is:
Think "the little black dress," or "black tie formal." Point is, you cannot go wrong with black.
That is why my bridesmaids are going to wear black dresses!
Now, don't be concerned. Black is not in our "color scheme," if you will. Rigid color schemes, where everything is matchy-matchy, are PLAYED OUT to me. So we just have what I call "color inspiration."
We've chosen 4 or 5 colors that complemt each other to feature throughout our wedding ceremony and reception.
In fact, the ONLY thing that may be black are the ladies' dresses and guys' suits.
To me, black will act as an accent color that kind of "finishes" and "pulls together" the other colors and makes them "pop."
Seeing as though the wedding begins in the evening, it will be even more fitting.
So if any of my BM's are reading this and *hate* that little dress above, please, "speak now, or forever hold your peace," cuz I'm feeling it!!
Cheers to black!

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