Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Year & Countin'!

Today is August 23, 2007...and it's a very special day for me and fiance. Why, you ask?? Well, today is exactly the ONE year mark BEFORE our big day!!
I seems like I have a whole lot of time to get all of this together. But time flies, and with gowns taking up to six months to come in (geez) we need to get moving!
There's also the question of vendors. Catering is included in our venue, so in the next few months we need to figure out:
-A Florist- (Please note, the cast and I will doing most of the flowers ourselves, but we are purchasing my bouquet and the guys' bouts, so we need someone for that.
-My GOWN!!! and accessories
-Bridal party's gowns and guys' stuff
-The Cake (Momma may have already nailed this down)
-Decorator(I'm interviewing someone in October to see what she's working with...)
-Rental place
-And maybe, if budget permits, entertainment for the cocktail hour

I think that's all. Let me know if I'm missing something. And get ready for a year's-worth of my blogging non-stop about this journey! Ciao--

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Meg said...

If you are in Cleveland looking for your gown, there is an awesome place in Hudson called "All Brides Beautiful." While a lot of their gowns are $$$, they also carry many that are less than $1000, some that are less than $500, and also have high end bridesmaid dresses that they are more than happy to sell to you in white/ivory. It is a small place, but you peruse the racks yourself, and the ladies there are not pretentious in the least.