Monday, August 20, 2007

The Space

So the fiance and I easily agreed on one of the most important parts of our day (besides us putting up with one another for life): the place. We chose to have it at the BP Building dowtown on Public Square on one of the upper levels that is used for banquets.
The fiance really loved this place just on the merit of its being located downtown. He says he wants all of his frat brothers and friends from out of town to have a chance to see "the best of" Cleveland...
I also like the space because it's downtown and seems perfect for a modern-style wedding. But I like it most because it's a really stunning space all by itself and I won't have to "fight with it" to make it beautiful.
The architecture and windows plus the fact it overlooks a lush atrium all sold me.

It's also very spacious which allows for it to be divided into several different spaces: ceremony/cocktails/dinner/party.
I took some raw photos of it when we were last in Cleveland so I could figure out decorating needs. But I FORGOT to measure and do you know the event manager there doesn't even know the space's measurements! So I'll do that when I return to Cleveland in October, I guess.
Oh, another selling point of this place was the fact that for a small extra fee we can take our wedding photos in that pretty atrium you see above. And the bridal party also gets to use two huge conference rooms for free.

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