Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Wedding: Meet the Cast

Taking part in this beautiful day, to take place 8.23.08, are myself and fiance, 14 guys and dolls who will be our bridal party, and the bride-to-be's key players, who are:

1. The Dream Momma
Oh, every gal and bride-to-be needs mom during this time. Thankfully my mom is an angel who is open-minded, eager to help out and who I get along very well with! I'm not hiring a wedding planner because as stressful as this process can get, it's just too fun and personal of an experience to outsource (especially as it's once in a lifetime) so momma will be my right-hand quasi-wedding planner.
Currently, she is putting her event-planning skills to work and compiling lists of Cleveland-area vendors for me to interview. Oh--momma is in Cleveland.

2. The Too-Laid-Back, but Too Cute Sister
My little (or not so little) sister (23 yrs.old). She's in grad school in Missouri, so she can't be that much help anyway: she's a broke student plus she's not in Cleveland.
Sister is a sweetie, a laid back psychology expert who is good at analyzing situations etc., but sometimes she is just too laid back. She's going to be the maid of honor so I really need her to step up to the plate and start being more proactive/ assertive at getting things done--namely, the planning of my bachelorette party!

3. The Football Fanatic Groom-to-be
He is the love of my life!! Very supportive with helping me pull this wedding off, an event for which he is the chief financier. But lemme tell you--with football season about to begin--he likely won't be mentioned too much in this blog because football (college and pro) is his LIFE! I'll be lucky to get in much QT in the coming months. But that's kinda good and means he'll be i can plan away to my heart's desire. Go Browns! Go Bucks!

4. The Future Sister-in-Law
OK. As in-laws go, I think I'm blessed to have her as a future SIL. My fiance's sister has been a great support and help in the planning process so far. Not only has she already been through this... she is a realist like me and as she's in Cleveland, she's willing to help out. Here's a really powerful quote from her (told to me the weekend her bro and I got engaged):
"Just do what makes you happy. Because whatever you do, somebody's going to have something to say about it. You could spend a million dollars on your wedding and someone would still say something negative about it..."

Ah, you like her already, right? Me, too.

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