Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To save-the date? That is the question.

Possibly the first thing that lets guests know about your wedding...and sets the tone for the event...are save-the-date cards or magnets. These days, many save-the-dates are very contemporary and stylish(see above).
Basically, the fiance is anti-save-the-date notes. And do you wanna know why? It's because he is secretly praying and hoping that several of our invitees do not save the date and of course, he thinks these litttle reminders will only put our date firmly on guests' radar. Isn't that funny? When it comes down to the per-plate price, he's actually hoping some people decide not to come....

Anyways, I wanted to do save-the-dates, but this is not a battle important enough for me to wage.

But if you're gonna do it, these magnet save-the-dates are too cute and fairly inexpensive at about $1.30 each. But these at Beau-Coup pictured aboved, are even cuter at $1.80 each.

A few more I adore from weddingpaperdivas

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