Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Wedding: the basics

OK--so there are two MAJOR obstacles to my planning and executing the wedding of my dreams: location and budget.

1) I am planning a Cleveland wedding from Washington DC.
2) I am planning a wedding, of which I have great expectations, for about 130 guests on a fairly tight budget, according to today's standards.

So, yea...those are the obstacles. But I am focused and motivated to make it happen!

Not Your Mama's Wedding

More things you must know about my wedding vision:

1) I am doing my evening ceremony and reception at the same venue,in the evening, downtown Cleveland. For my reception I'm having a formal sit down dinner and a 5-hour open bar. I am also having a cocktail hour with passed hors dourves. (I'm too lazy to spell check that right now...)

2) I am having an ultra-modern and non-traditional wedding. That means:
No drapes of tulle, ribbons, bows or pastels here.
Not many flowers and lots of DIY.
Seven bridesmaids in sophisticated/sexy black gowns.
Dozens and dozens of candles.
Momma walking me down the aisle.
Ceremony recessional="Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. You get the idea...(Ummm...well, kinda unsure about that one, but hey, my beau is all for it!)

3)Basically, I want our day to create a moment, an experience for everyone there. I don't want it to be a contrived, run of the mill wedding. This is why one of things most important to me (spending-wise) is decorating and ligting.

This fabulous event will be held at the BP Tower. A photo of it is to your right, but please note, my tables will look nothing like that:)

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