Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And the Dress Saga Continues...

Yesterday, a fellow wedding blogger drew my attention to a Watters gown I hadn't seen that is trumpet-style and resembles some of the haute couture gowns that are far beyond what I can do budget-wise. So here I have posted pics of that Watters gown and two others--a "2 Be Bride" by Sabrina Toy and a Mon Cheri Couture that I actually tried on and that was way more lovely on and in person. I am still considering a few others, but of these, which one do you like and why?
Please note, this will likely be my last post about and with photos of specific gowns.
**Once I make a decision, you'll just see my writing about "that gown!"

2 B Bride (please, pretend that veil is NOT there)

Mon Cheri

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Meg said...

Between the 2B and the Watters, from the pics, I like the Watters better.

The Mon Cheri is so different from either of those; it seems a bit more like a ballgown than the others- more presidential ball, while the others would be a better fit for the Oscars.