Tuesday, September 25, 2007


OK--so I mentioned last week that I tried my ever-evolving floral arranging skills with the ever-popular chrysanthemum.
I used two kinds, the traditional mum and the spider-mum, bought from the same florist stand at 18th and H Street by the train in DC.
As I do not plan to use mums in the wedding, I guess the only reason this is relevant is because it was another shot at the actual art of flower arranging.
As you can see, I used a mostly monochromatic color scheme and arranged the flowers in different sized containers. I also added some slices of fresh limes as decoration to one of the vases--a cute trend I'll discuss later.
Oh--I should also be sure to say that these flowers were more than two weeks old when photos were taken.


Insight, Insanity, Imagination said...

When you make this arrangements, do you just use water or do you use the clear gel stuff? I'm very inspired by these!

MThornton said...

Hi Mindy,
Just used water for these! I used 3X3 cubes, $1 each from DollarTree or in bulk from www.dollartreedirect.com. HTH!