Tuesday, September 11, 2007


pa·py·rus-noun: a material on which to write, prepared from thin strips of the pith of this plant laid together, soaked, pressed, and dried, used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.
Today, invitations have been on my mind--or at least they are now on my mind as I had a conversation with my very dear friend, one with whom I will someday take over the world--Brian Henderson.
Brian is an enterprising young man... a real shooting star in the worlds of graphic design/photojournalism. He has worked for People Magazine, The Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun to name just a few. And now he can also add to his accolades, ahem, President of the recently founded Brimmage Communications.

Now, enough bragging about Brian and on to the invitations.
Basically we have a budget for printed materials including:
1. invitations
2. envelopes
3. rsvp cards
4. programs
5. menus

There are dozens of companies out there who do wedding invitations, many with a huge presence on the web like TheAmericanWedding.com and MyGatsby.com.
For the most part, the invites that these companies offer are average with, in my opinion, sub-par printing and design. And the ones that do look really good are way too expensive.

To me, our wedding invites and other materials should do the same thing as every other element of the wedding: be thoughtful; communicate something to our guests; and provide an experience.
That's why after speaking with Brian this afternoon, I know that I'm going to let him--a visual communications professional-- execute a creative vision for these materials!
We discussed a few options for invitations, some which were clearly way out of our budget, but I'm excited and I know we're going to come up with something beautiful.
I mean, this guy was creating impressive graphic materials years ago in Athens!
I'll keep you posted.

If you or your business has a need for graphic design/logo creation/branding/pr services you should definitely talk to Brian at Brimmage!

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