Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bouquets: The Good, Bad and yes, (flowers can be) Ugly

Sometimes knowing what you don't want is the best starting place of all.
Which brings me to the matter of the flowers that I and my lovely maids will carry during the ceremony.
Hmmm..let me first say that when thinking of places to spend $$ this is one area always in the back of my mind.
I dunno. It just seems pointless to spend $100 plus for my bouquet and $70 each for bridesmaids' flowers (yes, that is the going rate.
A second consideration about bridal bouquets, is the fact that, in my opinion and taste, I do not like the way a bunch of different flowers in different colors look grouped together. I tend to feel like flowers are much more striking when beautifully displayed alone or few. Same thing with bouquets.
I've found that I much prefer smaller, hand-tied bouquets and posies to those humongous things I've seen a lot of brides carry!
Here are things I definitely don't like:



But HERE are some I love:

Notice how the above bouquet looks feminine (even
though there are a lot of flowers) and is personalized with the crystal accent and the pretty monogrammed wrap.

Above is the pretty carnation bouquet I posted about before. I like its simple, yet elegant look and especially how it's tied together with that black pleated fabric and detail!

Now, the one above may be my absolute favorite! It is composed of white anemones with black-button centers. I hope anemones are in season in August because I would love to use them somewhere.

And these bridesmaid's bouquets I like because they look petite and dainty--more like posies.
And lastly, see the below gorgeous nosegay-shaped bouquets of white spray roses,Vendela roses and anemones:

Or what about bridesmaids carrying a single Vendela rose down the aisle with a pretty fabric wrapped tied around the stem? I've seen large Calla Lillies done this way, but...I don't like Calla lilies at all (don't shoot me).

Also, what do you think about the flower girls carrying pomanders--small versions of the below? A pomander is just a foam ball (available at any craft store) into which you can stick silk flowers or fresh flowers, thereby covering the ball completely with flowers. You can then attach whatever kind of decorative handle you'd like. I'll make one and post it later.

I have a folder on my computer where I keep photos like these of all the things I really like AND dislike so that I can take them with me to vendors. Even though we're still inclined to DIY table flowers, I'm not adventurous enough--nor do I think there will be enough time--to try to make bouts, corsages and bouquets. These are the only thing we plan on using a florist for.


Kendra said...

Hi. Love your blog! I really like the white flowers with the black in the middle. I don't know anything about flowers. How was that done?

MThornton said...

Hi Kendra!
The white with black-centered flowers are white anemones and they just look like that naturally. I love them, too! But I don't think they'll be available for my late summer wedding. Hopefully they're around for yours!

Kendra said...

Thanks for the quick response! I am going to see if I can get them for my april wedding.

Blossoms said...

Hi... I am a clay flower artist, forever looking for inspirations. I came across your site while searching for posies for a bride whom I am doing flowers for. I must say, you've got a beautiful sense of colors.
All the best for your wedding!