Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh, Shoot!

I came across another great photographer today...
And she is already booked for another wedding on my date! bride's loss is another's gain.
Cleveland area brides, check out Lauren Barney.
Her website.
Her blog.
On a sweeter note, Lauren did refer me to two other photographers.
When I asked her if the referrals' work was similar to her own, she said of one:
"He was my mentor for several years. And if I was getting married, I would hire him..."
Below is some of Lauren's work.

So, my search for photography continues. Stay tuned for the winner, to be announced sometime soon...

1 comment:

Lauren Barney said...

Hey! Lauren Barney here:) I wanted to thank you for posting this blog about me. I have gotten a ton of feedback and calls from it! Very very flattering:)

I'm so sorry I couldn't document your day:( I hope it was absolutely amazing!