Thursday, September 6, 2007

My flowers are Drownin': aka.Submerging Flowers

One recent trend in modern floral design that I really think is gorgeous/striking/conversation piece/weird is the water-submerged flower.
Of course, my first thought when imagining myself trying to submerge a flower was, "hey, don't flowers float?? How will it stay put? Will it die?"
Well... apparently, only some flowers float (like, I think, roses) and submerging flowers in water is actually a trick to "spruce up" wilting flowers, so it seems that many flower types may actually fare BETTER under the H2O. Also, apparently there is a floral glue that will fix a flower stem to the bottom of a vase, or you can wire and tape flower stems and anchor them to the vase bottom with decorative rocks or marbles. A good background and "how-to" article on submerged flowers ("Submerged flowers are a sunken treasure") can be found here at The story says submerging flowers actually "magnifies them" and suggests placing blooms upside down in the water.
You can also see this thread on IndieBride where one DIY bride created lovely submerged orchids and candles centerpieces. She got all of her materials from the "Dollar Tree" except the orchids.
The trend seemed to have reached Cleveland. One cool flower shop called Fleurs de France has ventured into submerging flowers AND even throwing some floating candles on top. Which leads to my next ingenuous inquiry, "Hey! Won't the candle flame burn the flowers!"
Here is a photo of the DIY bride's table I referenced above:

And here are more drowning flowers:

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