Sunday, September 16, 2007

Engagement Party

The party Saturday went off without a hitch and was really fun! Fiance was very happy with it and had a great time in the good company of lots of his college frat brothers and friends. And I was simply ecstatic to get to hang out with some of my girlfriends from high school who I haven't seen forever. Only one member of the BP, Miss Carmel, was at the party (because all the rest are out of town), but she really stepped up and helped me out by being a fabulous hostess. It was fiance's first time meeting Carmel and he even commented on her awesome personality and ability to make everyone comfortable.
But then again, what do you expect?
She's my friend!
Also, I was more than thrilled that some of the ladies at the party commented on my "floral arranging" skills!
In addition to the orchids--yes, they are still alive and lovely--I arranged some mums that turned out very pretty.

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Anna said...

I wasn´t at the party so it wasn´t really a PARTY ha ha